Jesse L King III | 301-873-0598

"The EZ Advocates Team is incredibly honest when it comes to the process and steps to a proper cancellation. Being able to contact multiple managers, Katie, Rahaman, & Taylor at anytime of their working hours was a very reassuring feeling. I can't thank EZ Advocates enough for assisting me in my cancellation. They stick to their word and most importantly their GUARANTEE! I will highly recommend to everyone, thank you EZ Advocates!!!!"

JOANNA PECK | 347-410-0507

"I was very pleased with the outcome. It was very fast & economical. I would recommend their services without any doubts. Hopefully I'll never get myself in this situation again but if I did, I would go to EZ Advocates again and again!"

RICKEY KROGH | 402-470-6003

“I must say being a property owner for as many years as I have and paying an absurd amount of money for something I never even used and just now getting released from my contract. EZ Advocates made me see the light so to speak as every imaginable consumer right was violated when I bought my property with Tree Tops Resort / Orlando. EZ Advocates & my case manager, Katie walked me through the entire process step by step and within a reasonable amount of time, my loan was forgiven with Tree Tops Resort / Orlando and I am no longer the un-happy owner of the property. I would highly recommend EZ Advocates to all my family and friends.”


“With the help of EZ Advocates I was able to cancel my agreement  from Bluegreen Laurel Resort. The maintenance fees had reached $560 and EZ Advocates offered me a deed back and my credit wasn’t effected at all. EZ Advocates made it super easy, and they were willing to work around my tight schedule.”


"EZ Advocates did a great job getting me out of my contract. Employees were very helpful and I would highly recommend them!" 


"My experience was very easy. We didn't have to do much because EZ Advocates took care of it for us. Our case manager was Kaitlyn Miller & was phenomenal! She took excellent care of us throughout this process. Kaitlyn was very prompt with sending the necessary letters & retuning phone calls/ emails. I couldn't be happier with EZ Advocates and will definitely be recommending them!"