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Contact Number
1. Do you pay the resort directly or did you pay the loan off on a credit card etc. *
2. Are your payments automatically withdrawn monthly? *
6. Was the original contract paid in full? *
10. Date Purchased? *
10. Date Purchased?
16. Are you on any type of medication that could have affected your purchase? *
17. Do you have any type of disability? *
18. Were you told you could sell the timeshare or that the resort would take it back if you no longer wanted it? *
19. Did they say it could be sold for profit? *
20. Were you informed of your right of cancellation or rescission time at any point in the presentation or closing? *
22. Did they ever tell you that you had no right to cancel and that all sales were final? *
23. During the signing was a notary present? *
28. If you were there for an extended amount of time, were you allowed to eat, use the restroom or have time to walk around? *
30. At any point did you express that you were not interested or that you could not afford it? *
34. In the closing were all documents explained before signing? *
35. Were you led through the signing in a “point and sign” fashion? *
37. Do you have a hard time speaking or understanding English? *
38. Do you feel as if you have been taken advantage of because you are elderly? Or because of other hardship?